Inflatable Boat Repairboat repair

From Achilles to Zodiac. Hypalon and PVC fabrics.
Ribs and Soft Bottom Boats.

♦ re-installing soft floors.
♦ re-installing rigid hulls
♦ re-gluing seams
♦ Transoms installs
♦ Transom builds
♦ Installing accessories such as   dowels, oar holders, straps, seats, handles, rope ties, transom accessories, t-tops, bar, etc…

Shrink WrapShrink Wrap Services

Year round shrink wrap services.
If it’s worth buying, it’s worth protecting.
A cost efficient way to help protect your watercraft until you’re ready to use it again.

Inflatable Water Toy RepairInflatable toy repair

Any type, brand and size of inflatable water toy.
From baby pools to large water slides.
The Kids will thank you for it, or at least they’ll enjoy it.

In the event that you do decide to purchase a new toy, check out our parent site at T and M they’re not open yet, but real soon.

Racing MarkersInflatable Racing Marker Repair

Any type, brand, shape and size of inflatable racing marker. From seam tears to patches. From pin holes up to 5-foot tears. We can install accessories such as towing D-rings, handles, anchor points etc…


Outboard Motor Repair and ServiceOutboard Motor service and diagnostics

♦ We repair and install any type or brand of motor, providing it is paired with the inflatable boat.
♦ Winterizing
♦ Annual and monthly service
♦ General outboard motor maintenance

WeldingWelding services

♦ Any type of metal. Stainless, aluminum, copper nickel, mild steel.
♦ Tig and Mig welding.
♦ Build T-tops, transoms bars, center console handles, light brackets.
♦ Stainless and aluminum boat accessories.
♦ Repairs on aluminum, steel boats and trailers.

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We also provide pick-up and drop-off service.

*$65.00 per hour in Halifax.


Please call for details.


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 *note: prices subject to change without notice.